About Dr. David Book

Dr. Book  | Dentist on Dunbar

Dr. Book graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Manitoba in 1988. He received a Bachelors of Science in Dentistry and a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry.

Immediately following graduation he completed an internship in Toronto at the prestigious Hospital for Sick Children. After a few years in private practice in Toronto Dr. Book was attracted to the beauty of the West Coast and came to Vancouver in 1991.

He has been practicing on Dunbar for the past 21 years.

He is involved in all areas of general practice. He believes continuing education is the key to being able to deliver the most current and best possible care to his patients. He is actively involved in three study clubs: a full-mouth rehabilitation group,a periodontal surgery group and an orthodontic group. As senior member of these groups, Dr. Book enjoys sharing the knowledge he has acquired. He frequently attends additional courses and conventions and routinely logs in excess of 90 hours of continuing education per year.

In recent years Dr. Book has been focusing more on esthetic rehabilitation. Rejuvenating people’s smiles has proven to bring great satisfaction and joy to all involved. See our smile catalog for what this area of dentistry can do.

Dr. Book and his wife have two teenage sons.

Dr. Book is avid runner. He has completed many marathons. His new interest is road cycling and he is planning to participate in the Gran-Fondo ride to Whistler this fall. He enjoys skiing as much and as often as he can with his family.